On Monday 17 May 2004 20:58, Stephen Liu wrote:
> HI folks,
> I tried to solve following questions on creating ISO
> image with reference to 'man mkisofs' but could not
> resolve;
> Tree of diectories e.g.
> /usr/home/user-A/document-AAA/subdirectories
> 1) To include the complete tree starting from
> /user-A/document-AAA/subdirectories
> 2) To include the complete tree starting from
> /document-AAA/subdirectories

You have many responses but I think thay have not
really understood your difficulty; or maybe it is I
who has not understood.

I believe that in case 1) you want to see the 
directory usr on the final CD containing
subdirectory home etc.

And in instance 2) you want to see the 
directory user-A on the final CD containing
document-AAA etc.

In the command 
  mkisofs -r -J -o cd_image.iso dir/
the directory 'dir' does not actually appear on the 
CD. At the top level the CD would contain the files 
and subdirectories appearing in 'dir/'.

To get the full sequence  'user-A/document-AAA/subdirectories/..'
to appear on the CD you would need 
 mkisofs -r -J -o cd_image.iso /usr/home/
But unfortaunately this will include all under home; not
just user-A/document-AAA. The simplest way to achieve what I 
believe you want in instance 2) is to create a temporary tree of 
what you want to see on the CD:
  mkdir tree
  mkdir tree/user-A
  cp -Rp /usr/home/user-A/document-AAA tree/user-A
  mkisofs -r -J -o cd_image.iso tree
(The mkisofs options are just an example -- probably not what you
Now you can remove the temporary tree:
  rm -R tree

You might be able to avoid this copying using the mkisofs
option -graft-points ; but I have no experience with this.

Good luck


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