I want postfix to send email from a domain name different to the one that
it really is. This is because I have no real (as in on the net) domain
associated with it, so I am going to use my website address so that the
from field resolves and relays are happy to pass on my mail.

I have:

set myhostname to:

set mydomainname to:

and added this line:

So my theory is that postfix will send from [EMAIL PROTECTED]

then restarted postfix. (postfix reload).
A quick 'postconf -d | grep my' reveals that postfix is infact ignoring
completely the value I have given it! why so?

Sorry if this is a really obvoius mistake, but I am new to mail server
administration, and I have checked the documentation and FreeBSD
mailinglist without luck.

Someone has suggested relaying between these two domains, so I added
relay_domains = arameus.net

Still no luck Im afraid.

Thanks all!
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