On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 12:54:59PM -0600, Shawn Guillemette wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am in search for a application that I can use on my freebsd machine to 
> read a mail spool and track email's that are sent in from customers. I would 
> like to be able to track what employee has replied to how many email's. It 
> would also be of great help if the application had the ability to lock any 
> email messages that are currently being worked on until unlocked by the 
> person reading it or a system admin. 
>   At one place I had worked in the past they had pearl programmers in house 
> and spent some time on a system that would allow users (Employees) to log 
> into a web based application. Each user would be able to see the same 
> messages. ( Simular to a webmail client however each users has their own 
> login) This system would allow each user to reply to the customers with a 
> department signature and their name at the bottom. This way the customer hits 
> reply and it goes to the department not the employees mailbox. Also allowing 
> the next employee to review what was asked and the response that the previous 
> co worker gave.

I believe that the www/rt3 port can do what you want.  Although RT is
designed to be used primarily via it's web interface, you can generate
tickets by sending e-mail to it:


It's quite possible this is the very perl-based system you describe.



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