Uwe Laverenz wrote:
Gary Kline wrote:

I think we (theBSD's) are losing a lot of serious brain
brainpower (and certainly lots of latent high-end talent)
by not having a less-headbanging install. I've done it
literally dozens of times; I still get flummoxed now and

I've been using sysinstall for many years and quite often I think. I never thought that sysinstall or the installation of FreeBSD is a problem in any way. In my opinion, installing FreeBSD is easy and fast.

There _is_ a new next-gen installation program in the works for FreeBSD, but (like so many other open-source projects) it will only get done if people work on it. Recently, there hasn't been much interest in it. http://www.freebsd.org/projects/libh.html If you feel strongly about improving the installer, join the project, encourage others to join, and consider sponsoring a developer to get some headway made on it.

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