Doug Lawrence wrote:

I am very new to anything but Windows and some MAC. I bought a retail
 box of 4.7 about 2 years ago.It had no printed material.I tried for
 about a month to get it up and running but I gave up. I was to new.
I talked to people in my department about how to learn the program
and they suggested I get Redhat 9 off our UCI mirror site. I have
done that and have learned a  lot over about  one year.I got a copy
of 5.2.1 off your site and began again.I have done ok now but have
questions.I understand what I should be doing to install but areas I
believe I should select ALL I cann't figure out how to select the all
choice.One spot I select all and the next screen says no packages
selected and I cann't backup.This time I am not giving up. Can you
help me get back on track?  Doug Lawrence

These couple of links, especially the second one, might assist you in setting up a graphical FreeBSD installation.


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