Le ven, 21/05/2004 à 00:23 -0500, Jorge Mario G. a écrit :
> > My problem is :
> > I have very poor performances with tcp streams from
> > my server to my
> > laptop (0.35 Mb/s), but throughput is normal from
> > the laptop to the
> > server (90Mb/s) and also (my favorite one) from
> > Internet to my laptop
> > (~4Mb/s).
> > When I'm running WinXP, all is quite normal.
> Hi there
> If server to winXP works perfectely, look no further
> the prblem is the host not the nics or server, so
> check the linux conf. sorry no help there

I'm not sure about that because on one side, incoming traffic from
internet which pass thru the server has a better thoughput than the
local traffic, and on the other side, when I replace FreeBSD by a linux
distribution, I have far better performances. Which kind of parameters
could have an effect on this impact ?


> Jorge
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