Hello list,


I'm setting up a BIND/DNS server (recursive) and I'm facing a problem when I
try to start the "named" automatically on boot (named_enable="YES" in

First I noticed that the boot process takes a very long time in the
"Starting Standard Daemons" phase.

After boot I have looked to the named messages and apparently it was
everything ok i.e.:


First message:              "starting (etc/namedb/named.conf). named
8.3.6-REL ....."

Second message:          "limit files set to fdlimit (1024)"

Third message:              "Ready to answer queries."


But the problem is the output of "ndc status": (server is initializing
itself) and then nothing happen.


Starting or restarting the named manually works just fine, the "ndc status"
output is "server is up and running" and the queries answers are as

The result after comment the kern_securelevel="2" and
kern_securelevel_enable="YES" lines in the rc.conf and reboot was the same
as described above.


The ROOT SERVERS file was updated and there is a permanent network



FreeBSD 4.9

BIND 8.3.6


Can you please help me on this? I'm beginner in FreeBSD.


Thanks in advance,



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