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> Synopsis:        I am pursuing this direction and these goals but have no knowledge 
> of the path befor me I have been working with BSD at home know for about two months 
> and still do not have a working cd rom , but my knowledge is growing I really feel 
> this need to grasp more but I do not know what it is that I am not understanding. 
> Any help would be appreciated.     

Well, while trying to do it all yourself is a good way to learn, so is
asking the avice of those more knowledgeable -- and it usually gets
you a quicker solution to your problems.

You say you've still not got a working CD Rom.  Presumably you want us
to help you get it to work, as a step towards learning more about
FreeBSD and computers in general?

In which case, you need to help us to help you.  A vague question like
"how can I fix my CD Rom" cannot really have a useful answer -- you
need to tell us exactly what it is about your CD Rom that isn't
behaving in the way you expect -- what commands you typed, and what
the system response was.  Tell us also what you've tried to do to fix
the problem, and why it didn't work.

In fact, preparing a question in this way will often clarify things in
your own mind, so that you suddenly see the answer or think of a few
more things to try.  Leaping out of your chair, striking your forehead
and yelling "D'Oh! It so obvious!" would not be an unusual reaction.

A more detailed article about how to ask questions intelligently can
be found at: http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html



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