I have only used FreeBSD on one Asus board, the original A7A266.  I've
recently begun the undertaking of putting 5.2.1 on it.  I had to disable the
"Use PNP OS" function in the BIOS to make it work reliably - in other words,
I'm making the BIOS assign device resources.  The same is true for 4.8 and

The board does support ACPI satisfactorily, though.

Alan Gerber

>>Replied message follows

personally I'm a ASUS-User. All boards i've ever used were asus except 
my Siemens Primergy 470 nad my Dell Latitude D600.

I ran FreeBSD successfully on this boards:

Asus A7M266-D, Dual-Athlon XP 1800+ (running CURRENT, ACPI w/o problems)
Asus CUV4X-D, Dual-PIII 800 (ran 4.9, if i remember correctly)
Asus P5A-B, K6-2 350 (running 5.2.1 p7, ACPI w/o problems)
Asus A7V266-E, Athlon XP 1800+ (running CURRENT, ACPI w/o problems)

and several asus borads, but never tested on freebsd, as i'm new to *NIX.

asus are always high-quality boards. you'll notice that in quality of 
bios for example. all asus boards supporting ACPI, work flawless.


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