--- Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What you did was install the system crontab as a user.  Log in as the
> user you executed "crontab crontab" as, and enter "crontab -r".  That
> will remove the crontab for that user.
> On a related note.  I'm going to make some changes to that section of
> the handbook in an attempt to clarify it.  Do you mind if I contact
> you
> directly to get your feedback on whether or not my changes make that
> chapter easier to understand?
> -- 
> Bill Moran
> Potential Technologies
> http://www.potentialtech.com

Thanks for the help. Yeah, you can contact me if you need to. It would
be nice to see some info about the differance between the system and
user crontabs and how to properly create and use a user crontab, as
well as when/why one would want to use a user crontab. Plus the
alternatives, if it is not the appropriate way of handling whatever the
user needs done. Like in my case - I want to have a logrotate script
and webalizer run once a week on sunday nights at midnight. I was
trying to follow the instructions included with webalizer and in the
Handbook, nothing more.

Chip W
Simrad, Inc

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