On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 02:12:25PM +0100, Justin Finkelstein wrote:
> Hi there
> I'm about to make a decision on which motherboard to buy to run FreeBSD
> 4.9 in a production environment, and I'm getting a little confused over
> compatibility issues with the available chipsets and this version of
> FreeBSD.
> The chipsets in question are: Intel 865G, 865PG, 865PE.

Hmmm... Well, looking at /usr/src/sys/pci/agp_i810.c (also agpreg.h)
the 865G "82865G Integrated Graphics Device" appears to be supported
in 4-STABLE:

        case 0x25728086:
                return ("Intel 82865G (865G GMCH) SVGA controller");

as does the "82865G/PE/P, 82848P DRAM Controller / Host-Hub Interface"
in /usr/src/sys/pci/agp_intel.c:

        case 0x25708086:
                return ("Intel 82865 host to AGP bridge");

Which basically means "Yes, it's supported".  (Err -- there;s no
mention of '865PG' anywhere though.  Was that a typo?)

There's no mention in the kernel sources of PCI ID 0x25718086
"82865G/PE/P, 82848P PCI-to-AGP Bridge", 0x25738086 "82865G/PE/P,
82848P PCI-to-CSA Bridge" or 0x25768086 "82865G/PE/P, 82848P Overflow
Configuration".  (See /usr/share/misc/pci_vendors for details of PCI
ID numbers) so those devices may cause you problems.



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