Michal Pasternak [Fri, May 21, 2004 at 08:38:41PM +0200]:
> Hello,
> I've got an Epson printer I've set up with CUPS. Unfortunatley it came out,
> that the program CUPS uses internally (rastertoprinter) gets some kind of
> lockup right after ending the page - it starts to eat up 100% CPU; CUPS gets
> the message "Page finished", but the job stays there - and the printer
> device (lpt0) is in use.
> Well, so I did "gdb", attached to the PID, typed "bt"... nothing. Just a few
> lines with addr no and question marks.

Well, I'm answering myself: 

        $ gdb nameOfExecutableWithDebugSymbols
        gdb> attach PID

... and, voila, that's all that it's needed.

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