Based on the very little info you posted, here is the same level of
You have your system configured incorrectly.

Now is that reply useful?

About as useful as your question is. Nobody here has ESP so they can
not remotely read your mind or the contents or your system's config
files. When asking for help it's your responsibility to provide
enough info for readers of your post to actually help you.

Post full contents of the following config files to get meaningful
Rc.conf, dmesg.boot, ppp.conf, ppp.log, firewall rules, output from
ps ax command while user ppp is running.

If you are trying to use kernel ppp, change to user ppp as it's a
whole lot easier to debug.
Is this an new clean install from cdrom?
Have you used FBSD before?
Besides just saying you have an "external USR modem" how about model
number and speed(IE 33.6, 56K or what)

Details man details. The more details you provide the more helpful
the reply will be.

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Subject: PPP takes the system over :(

Hello, I have a 5.2.1-Release.

The problem is, when I start PPP -auto <my_script> and my modem
when tcp transaction is going (e.g I download a file or open a web
page...) I'm not able to run any other
program (it seems like comp 'freezes'). That just sux... but when
action completes, all htese progs start ...

BTW, my system is Athlon 1200Mhz, 256Megs of RAM, 200 of 2500 mb
on HDD, external USR modem

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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