I've got a 4.9-STABLE system that was dual-booted between FBSD and Win2K. I had no further need for the windows slice so I used sysinstall to delete the NTFS slice, write it as type 165, newfs'd it, mounted it, and wrote a bunch of data to the new ufs slice. So far so good... About 8 hours after this procedure the system hung, I rebooted and received the message,

  "Invalid partition table"

I was able to boot the system with a FreeSBIE live bootable CDROM and fsck all the ufs slices. The data on all slices appear to be good, but I cannot figure out how to get this box to boot again. I've google'd and read the appropriate handbook sections.

This box isn't that important and I could just copy off the data I need and re-install the OS. However, I'd like to figure out what went wrong and fix it the *right* way.

Many TIA,

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