Gary Kline wrote:
        To any network wizards on-list,

        I'm just tidying up dhcp and namedb files and would like
        to know what strings to put after this:

        dhcpd_ifaces=                           # ethernet interface(s)

        I'm assuming it should be "dc0 dc1" but would like to make
        sure.  If it would be just as well to leave it blank and
        let dhcpd figure it out, please advise.  (In my old config
        file $IFACES wasn't defined.)

I have dhcpd configured; I'm not using named, so I don't know about that.

As far as I know, you can use dhcpd_ifaces to limit the DHCP service to only
one interface (provided you have more than one interface on your system).

I have rl0 and rl1, where rl0 is on the out-side internet, and rl1 on the
internal network (with IP I only want DHCP server for internal
network: I therefore have in /etc/rc.conf:


However, when you look at netstat output, dhcpd is still listening to all
interfaces, which may have some security risks. To further limit this, you
probably need a extra global line in /usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf :


Then you get a netstat output like this:

  udp4       0      0        *.*


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