On Mon, 24 May 2004 12:37:43 +0100
Daniel Bye <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

DB> My understanding from reading sysinstall(8) is that the sysinstall
DB> binary needs to have LOAD_CONFIG_FILE set in the environment, not
DB> the release build.
DB> Try adding it to the Makefile for sysinstall, and see what
DB> happens...
DB> However, I have recently set up a custom install script, which
DB> simply has the default name, install.cfg.  As long as it is located
DB> in the root of your mfsroot file system, sysinstall will load it. 
DB> If you don't have a particular need to give it a different name, you
DB> might give it a go.

Thanks; will try it.

WHat is the correct way to add install.cfg? Should it jut be put into /usr/src/release 
before build?

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