Sorry for the confusion; the Windows machine(s) were connected to the
   BSD box through a smaller hub I had lying around.  The IPs are all
   static and have been manually entered.  ...the ISP swears up and down
   that they don't rely on DHCP, so I'm still somewhat at a loss.

   thanks again.

   >To: "Michael Zimmer"
   >Subject: RE: IPF/IPNat router/gateway
   >Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 22:16:17 -0400
   >Problem can be in how you are cabled or how you assign private lan
   >IP address to xp box behind FBSD.
   >An single xp box cabled to your FBSD needs to be cabled using an
   >crossover cable. An normal configuration is cabling FBSD box
   >directly to public internet cable or dsl modem and then have all the
   >xp systems cabled to hub and the hub cabled to FBSD box.
   >Xp uses DHCP to automatically get an network ip address assigned and
   >the reference DNS server ip address to use. On an private lan you
   >have 2 ways of doing this. The manual way is to enter the network
   >assigned ip address and dns servers ip address into xp. The other
   >way is to install an DHCP server software on your FBSD gateway box
   >so xp can get the info it needs automatically.
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   >Sent: Sunday, May 23, 2004 8:08 PM
   >Subject: IPF/IPNat router/gateway
   >    Hello.  I apologize for asking a question which has been asked
   >    dozen times before, but none of the prior-offered solutions seem
   >    work.
   >    I'm trying to use a freeBSD box (v 5.1) as a gateway/router for
   >    network.  I've got a static IP range for the network, but can't
   >    things running.  (...the local machines are all running Windows
   >    Pro)
   >    The local machines can connect to my ISP when they're plugged in
   >    the uplink, whether individually or through a hub, and the
   >freeBSD box
   >    can as well.  ...however, a machine plugged into the BSD box is
   >    to ping the BSD box and vice versa.
   >    IPF is set to pass in/out quick all from any to any
   >    IPNat has the following rules set:
   >    map rl0 -> x.x.x.254/32 portmap tcp/udp
   >    map rl0 -> x.x.x.254/32
   >    IP of the BSD box is x.x.x.254, mask on the
   >    NIC
   >    IP of the BSD box is, mask on the
   >    NIC
   >    the lone machine connected to it at the moment is set on
   >    IP,
   >    mask,
   >    gateway
   >    ...and rc.conf has gateway_enable, ipfilter_enable and
   >    all set to "YES"
   >    thanks.
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