I have been having (and reporting) some problems with my ports collection and I can't seem to get them resolved. For some reason, the system is rejecting the ports collection like a mismatched organ.

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The upshot is that I can't reliably build ports due to some problems with shared libs not getting built.

Configure doesn't see this as a freeBSD system, but as some hybrid GNU/FreeBSD beast and sometimes sets the host type as unknown-kfreebsd-GNU. Then I find that while a port is recorded as installed, ports that depend on its shlibs fail. I can test this by making a package when I make the port, but the port is installed before packaging, so the end result is that I may have a package recorded as installed but I know i can't rely on it. (that seems backwards to me: what if I only want to build packages w/o installing them? can i do that?

To resolve this, I have:

built a new kernel and world from fresh sources (in the process finding another problem to do with /usr/src/gnu/usr.bin/perl needing to rebuilt).

tossed my whole ports directory and moved aside the pkg database, pulling a fresh tree from CVS.

Still I see these problems. Also, dependencies don't get built automatically: if I build sysutils/portupgrade, I don't get prompted to build security/openssl or even lang/ruby: pkgdb will tell me, but not the ports tools themselves.

What sometimes helps is to change the USE_LIBTOOL directive from 13 and 15: libtool 1.3 seems to be part of my problem. But that's not always working.

To be clear, I can build and install just from the source directory (/usr/ports/{PORTNAME}/work/portname). But that doesn't get it registered and if I got back up to the port's directory, the make commands will kick back errors I didn't see in the source directory.

-- Paul Beard <www.paulbeard.org/> paulbeard [at] mac.com

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