On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 03:38:50PM -0500, Kung Foo Ham[p]?ster wrote:
> I'm looking at upgrading my main system from FreeBSD RELENG_4 to RELENG_5_2.
> I'll probably start with a clean sate for the system for that transition.
> I have a few users who run their own systems on jails on my machine...
> My question is:
> When I install FreeBSD 5 on my system can I run those FreeBSD 4 Jails on it and
> then upgrade them individually without much pressure.
> I want to have as minimal down time upgrading my system.
> I'm hoping that I can upgrade my system for a day and then upgrade the jails
> individually at my leisure.
> Can this be done?

Sort of.  Some of the kernel interface tools like ps, netstat,
etc. will not run under 5.x since they are tied to the version of the
running kernel.  If you need these to work within the jail, you can
copy the 5.x binaries and necessary support libraries from the outside
host into the jail.  Other binaries will run fine.


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