At 2004-05-25T15:44:51+01:00, Matthew Seaman wrote:

> > Is there an analogue in BSD `make' of the `call' function in `gmake':
> > $(call VARIABLE,PARAM,PARAM,...)?
> Not as such.  You can however use the '!=' operator to assign a value
> to a variable based on the output of some external command:
>     RATIO  != sh -c 'echo $$(( $a / $b ))'

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your reply.  After writing to the list yesterday, I read
make(1) carefully, and found what I wanted, namely the shell command
for creating `dir1' in this example `Makefile':

  ### Makefile
  ## Create directory FOO if it does not exist.
  create_dir = if test ! -d foo ; then  rm -f foo ; mkdir foo ; fi
  dir1: src1
  dir2: src2
  ### Makefile ends here

However, I don't understand something.  The command for `dir1' works
perfectly well:

    % make dir1
    if test ! -d dir1 ; then rm -f dir1 ; mkdir dir1 ; fi
(`dir1' created)

OTOH, the command for `dir2' does not work --- `make' is not expanding
the local variable `@':

    % make dir2
    if test ! -d $@ ; then rm -f $@ ; mkdir $@ ; fi
(`dir2' not created)

Can someone tell me why this is happening?


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