> On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 14:01:11 EDT, Chuck Swiger scribbled these
> curious markings:
> > >pkg_info: package bsdpan-DBD-mysql-2.9003 has no origin recorded
> > >pkg_info: package bsdpan-DBI-1.42 has no origin recorded
> > >pkg_info: package bsdpan-GD-1.19 has no origin recorded
> > 
> > >Should I be worried about this? Or, how do I fix this?
> The messages are telling you that when you installed the package, 
> did register it into the package database, but it (obviously) has no
> information about where from the ports tree you installed it; e.g., if
> you installed DBI from the ports tree, its origin would be
> databases/p5-DBI. Why you're installing packages that are in the ports
> tree without using the ports tree is beyond me. 

That's not true. The only packages I ever installed is portupgrade and 
cvsup. I used the ports tree for everything else. 
> > I would be interested in a fix for this as well, however.
> The simplest solution would be to create a port out of the module in
> question. It's extremely simple; a typical Perl module's port makefile
> fits on one 80x25 console screen, and its pkg-plist would fit on an
> 80x10 screen :). I've done this myself a number of times. Just 
> that if you put the port in the category Makefile (e.g.
> databases/Makefile), any subsequent cvsup / cvs update will remove 
> changes.

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