I have a simple goal - to convert realaudio files I
have saved to my drive into mp3s, on the fbsd command

The answer, I have been told, is to install mplayer
with realaudio support, and then just:

mplayer file.ra -ao pcm

That sounds reasonable.  But I have two issues.

First, I see no mplayer+realaudio in the ports tree -
just mplayer.  How do I get realaudio support into
mplayer ?

Second, just what kind of install is mplayer (and
mplayer + realaudio, for that matter) ??  I want to
keep this system nice and clean - and I will be upset
if mplayer installs a million dependencies, or does
something lame like install X for me, when I don't
want it.  So can someone describe just what an mplayer
install is like ... and how to keep it from installing
X, etc., if that is what it does ?


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