On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 14:27, Jonathon McKitrick wrote:
> : When local processes want to mail, they fork n exec a sendmail binary 
> : themselves.
> : 
> : You shouldn't need a sendmail server running for that.
> Here is what I have/had in rc.conf
> #sendmail_enable="no"
> #sendmail_submit_enable="no"
> #sendmail_outbound_enable="no"
> #sendmail_msp_queue_enable="no"
> And as soon as I restarted after commenting out these lines, root's mailbox
> got filled with megs of mail from cron.  I want the minimum I need to get
> system mail without leaving an instance of sendmail vulnerable to attack or
> eating up resources.

You can replace all of the above with sendmail_enable="NONE"

Not sure if it has already been pointed out to you but you can change
the behaviour of periodic jobs on your system. By default all the jobs
are mailed to root but you can have those jobs logged to a file instead.
Simply copy the periodic.conf file from /etc/defaults to /etc and change
it to your liking eg. instead of having daily_output="root" which sends
a mail to root you can have it log to a file
daily_output="/var/log/daily.log" Same apply's for weekly and monthly

Personally I find it annoying when it sends out a mail for each job so I
change it to log to a file instead which I can check periodically (
excuse the pun ;)

As a side note if you don't want your cron jobs to output anything add
a  > /dev/null 2>&1 at the end of them.

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