On this server (i815), the video uses the system SDRAM and since I'm not a gamer whatever chip-set this has is adequate. Anyboy know what kind of on-board video comes with the AMD mobo's? (Am I going to be pulling my hair trying to get it working? in other words.)


Intel chipset boards for pentiums almost always use an intel graphics chipset. On amd based boards, it varies greatly what you get. I would assume an nforce chipset with onboard would probably use a nvidia chipsest. Via and sis boards are bound to have different video chipsets. Short answer: it depends on the motherboard.

I bought an asus board without onboard video for this reason and got a lowend nvidia agp card to throw in since i knew it was supported by nvidia's drivers. (nforce 2 motherboard chipset) That worked out rather nicely.

One other thing to consider is online shopping. My local computer store has a barebones for $250 but i can build the same system using newegg.com for $200 with better parts. (i.e. asus board, name brand ram, etc) I saw a case on there for 25 bucks the other day. Locally the cheapest cases are 45 (both with power supply). I'm sure there are other sites too.

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