I have djbdns installed and working.  I have been using DNS
on my LAN and having it resolve the names for my local machines.
It forwards any unresolved to my ISP's dns server.

Recently, I have installed qmail on my LAN for internal email.
I used the ./add-mx to add a mx record for my machine which
is running qmail.

the mx record in the data file looks like:

If I send test mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], it gets forwarded to
my ISP's email server.  If I send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
(name of my qmail server), it gets delivered just fine.

How do I get my mx record setup so that [EMAIL PROTECTED] gets
delivered to ?

here are a couple of tests that I ran:

mail# host -t mx
Using domain server mail is handled (pri=0) by

mail# host
Using domain server has address

thanks in advance,

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