>                                    I am a little confused on the difference of 
> RELENG_4_9 and RELENG_4_9_0_RELEASE. Is the first one for stable systems, and 
> the later one for current systems?

Think of it like this:

    RELENG_4_9_0_RELEASE marks the *beginning* of the RELENG_4_9 branch.

    RELENG_4_9 marks the *end* of the RELENG_4_9 branch.

Thus the set of files labelled as RELENG_4_9_0_RELEASE won't change
over time, whereas the set of files labelled as RELENG_4_9 will, to
account for the security patches added to 4.9-RELEASE.

The terms 'stable' and 'current' don't apply to the RELENG_4_9 or any
of the other release branches.  Think of the whole source repository
of FreeBSD as like a tree.  The tree has a trunk, which corresponds to
'CURRENT' ('.' in cvsup, also called 'HEAD' in cvs), and the tip of
that trunk to the latest development versions of all of the files,
etc. that go to make up the sources.

Every so often a major branch grows out of that trunk: those are the
-STABLE branches.  That branching happens on average about once every
two years.  The first level branches have labels like 'RELENG_4' in
cvs.  Every few months you then get a 2nd level '-RELEASE' branch from
the -STABLE branches: those have labels like 'RELENG_4_9'.  Usually
there's just the one main -STABLE branch actively being developed at a
time and spawning release branches.

As a special case at the moment, some -RELEASE branches have been
produced directly off the main trunk (CURRENT) -- those are precursors
to the imminent creation of the newest main branch to be called



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