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>Outlook 2002 (from Office XP) will try STARTTLS if 
>SMTP-over-SSL doesn't 
>work for any port other than 25, apparently, but as I said, 
>it's still a 
>bit hairy.  I've got clients in .us, .uk, and .nz doing this with my 
>server in .nz.  FWIW, I believe Microsoft are still working on 
>this - I'm 
>told they might default to trying STARTTLS first for port 587.  These 
>things take time; the MSA standard is only about five years old, after 

Wow, that responsive? The only hitch is that office 2K is my last version of office 
(as win2K is my last version of a MS OS that'll I'll buy).

It was a challange to cover all the bases, between outlook [express] and others 
(Kmail, Evolution...) I have running:

25 - smtp (with or w/o auth), w/STARTTLS
587 - MSA (auth SMTP), w/ STARTTLS
465 - smtps (with or w/o auth), SSL
110 - pop3, w/STARTTLS
*996 (not 995!) - pop3s, SSL
143 - imap (don't think that supports STARTTLS)
993 - imaps, SSL

I'm using qpopper for pop3 and imap-uw for imap and sendmail for the rest. I installed 
cyrus-sasl to provide decent password protection on the non-ssl'ed connections.

*996 instead of 995... this was a wierd one. Outlook normally defaults to port 995 if 
one selects "use SSL" but when I configured qpopper to use SSL on 995 the negotation 
would fail. If i changed ports, it succeeded. I think I know what happened and that I 
could probably get it to work on 995 but I haven't had the time to work on it.

I config Outlook to use SSL on ports 465 and either 996(pop3) or 993(imap). Kmail and 
such use 587(MSA) and 110/993 as they support STARTTLS.
If anyone is interested in the relevant bits of inetd/sendmail/qpopper config files, 
just shout.


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