When trying to install /usr/ports/lang/ruby18
FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p10
Cvsup done 30 mins ago

I get this and it breaks.
Anyone got any ideas?
Openssl ssl is installed from the ports recently.

 In file included from ossl.h:208,
                 from ossl_asn1.c:11:
ossl_engine.h:15: syntax error before `cEngine'
ossl_engine.h:16: syntax error before `eEngineError'
ossl_asn1.c:25: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:74: syntax error before `time'
ossl_asn1.c:183: syntax error before `sIMPLICIT'
ossl_asn1.c:184: syntax error before `sUNIVERSAL'
ossl_asn1.c:190: syntax error before `obj'
ossl_asn1.c:262: syntax error before `sec'
ossl_asn1.c:273: redeclaration of `t'
ossl_asn1.c:260: `t' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:275: syntax error before `sec'
ossl_asn1.c:305: syntax error before `p'
ossl_asn1.c:316: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:303: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:317: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:318: parameter `status' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:320: syntax error before `p'
ossl_asn1.c:335: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:316: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:337: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:361: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:335: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:362: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:363: parameter `status' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:363: redeclaration of `status'
ossl_asn1.c:318: `status' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:365: syntax error before `p'
ossl_asn1.c:380: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:361: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:382: syntax error before `p'
ossl_asn1.c:394: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:380: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:395: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:399: syntax error before `p'
ossl_asn1.c:423: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:394: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:424: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:425: parameter `status' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:425: redeclaration of `status'
ossl_asn1.c:363: `status' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:427: syntax error before `p'
ossl_asn1.c:445: syntax error before `ossl_asn1_info'
ossl_asn1.c:479: parameter `ossl_asn1_info_size' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:479: `ossl_asn1_info' undeclared (first use in this function)
ossl_asn1.c:479: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
ossl_asn1.c:479: for each function it appears in.)
ossl_asn1.c:481: syntax error before `obj'
ossl_asn1.c:481: storage class specified for parameter
ossl_asn1.c:484: syntax error before `obj'
ossl_asn1.c:492: syntax error before `tag'
ossl_asn1.c:592: parameter `ret' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:594: syntax error before `s'
ossl_asn1.c:613: parameter `ret' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:613: redeclaration of `ret'
ossl_asn1.c:592: `ret' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:615: syntax error before `s'
ossl_asn1.c:682: conflicting types for `tag'
ossl_asn1.c:490: previous declaration of `tag'
ossl_asn1.c:682: parameter `is_cons' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:684: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:423: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:686: syntax error before `value'
ossl_asn1.c:702: parameter `newlen' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:702: `der' undeclared (first use in this function)
ossl_asn1.c:702: syntax error before `('
ossl_asn1.c:712: redeclaration of `len'
ossl_asn1.c:336: `len' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:712: parameter `off' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:712: `offset' undeclared (first use in this function)
ossl_asn1.c:713: redeclaration of `tag'
ossl_asn1.c:682: `tag' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:714: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:762: redeclaration of `flag'
ossl_asn1.c:490: `flag' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:763: syntax error before `if'
ossl_asn1.c:815: parameter `offset' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:817: syntax error before `obj'
ossl_asn1.c:829: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:684: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:830: parameter `offset' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:830: redeclaration of `offset'
ossl_asn1.c:815: `offset' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:832: syntax error before `obj'
ossl_asn1.c:845: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:829: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:846: parameter `offset' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:846: redeclaration of `offset'
ossl_asn1.c:830: `offset' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:848: syntax error before `obj'
ossl_asn1.c:893: redeclaration of `tc'
ossl_asn1.c:713: `tc' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:894: redeclaration of `length'
ossl_asn1.c:683: `length' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:895: redeclaration of `buf'
ossl_asn1.c:335: `buf' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:895: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:845: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:896: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:932: redeclaration of `length'
ossl_asn1.c:894: `length' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:933: redeclaration of `p'
ossl_asn1.c:895: `p' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:934: syntax error before `VALUE'
ossl_asn1.c:957: parameter `newlen' is initialized
ossl_asn1.c:957: redeclaration of `newlen'
ossl_asn1.c:702: `newlen' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:957: `str' undeclared (first use in this function)
ossl_asn1.c:957: syntax error before `('
ossl_asn1.c:986: redeclaration of `nid'
ossl_asn1.c:396: `nid' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:988: syntax error before `val'
ossl_asn1.c:999: redeclaration of `nid'
ossl_asn1.c:986: `nid' previously declared here
ossl_asn1.c:1001: syntax error before `val'
ossl_asn1.c:1013: conflicting types for `buf'
ossl_asn1.c:895: previous declaration of `buf'
ossl_asn1.c:1015: syntax error before `val'
ossl_asn1.c:1056: syntax error before `sUNIVERSAL'
*** Error code 1
3 errors
*** Error code 1
1 error
*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/ports/lang/ruby18

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