> I'm looking for an smtp daemon that is less complex than
> sendmail, can use procmail and has some virtusertable
> equivalent features.  Allowing relay based on mx is going to
> be a requirement for some of the boxes as well.
> Sendmail is working ok for me, but I'm intersted in finding
> something with a config file I can actually read.
> I'm going to check into postfix and maybe qmail.
> I'm also looking for some imap and pop3 daemons (ideally
> with ssl support) that can use maildir.
> I'll probably continue to use dovecot for imap and pop3.
> Anyone have any other suggestions?

Qmail is said to be a very robust and secure MTA. Exim is also a popular
Sendmail replacement. Personally, I swear by Postfix. Stable, secure and
easy to configure, with lots of back-end options. For pop3/imap, I like

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