On Thu, 27 May 2004, Senandung Mendonan wrote:

> On Thu, 27 May 2004, Gautham Ganapathy wrote:
> > I have installed 5.2.1-RELEASE on my system (Athlon XP/nForce 2
> > Ultra/GeForce 3). Unfortunately, I am not able to use nVidia's fbsd
> > drivers. I saw a few posts that mentioned it would work under fbsd-5
> > although it was written for 4. Any idea on what might be the problem?
> Did you install the driver via ports ( /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver ), or
> did you compile yourself? The ports version have some tweaks for you to
> try. I've been using the ports version (default install, no tweaking) in
> FreeBSD 5.2.1 on my Dell Latitude D800 (GeForce4 4200 Go), with no
> problems so far: ran mplayer occasionally with the some mpeg, avi, etc.
> Got one minor gripe though: Can't get the Twinview feature working -- how
> to get the display on both the laptop and a projector. (anybody got this
> one working?)

Ok. I was building it from source. I'll try it from ports. Thanx.

Not sure about Twinview, but I found the following


There seems to be a few options that have to be setup for enabling Twinview
and configuring the second monitor. Hope it works


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