On Thursday 27 May 2004 22:30, Christian Hiris wrote:
> When I rebooted the machine I got a "giving up on xx buffers" message and
> all filesystems marked dirty. After rebooting the system background fsck
> run and left one filesystem dirty - "unexpected softupdate inconsistency".
> Then the system died within 20 seconds. After that I rebooted into single
> user mode started fsck manually:
> The filesystem held about 1.3 million files, softupdates enabled.
> Is there any other way recover this filesystem on the fly?
> Thanks!
> ch

I 'solved' the problem by switching some of my harddisks to a new controller 
to eliminate the syncer problem and restored data from backups. The primary 
cause was a timeout of a harddisk attached to the HPT372 onboard controller 
on a Epox EP-8KRA2+ mainboard.

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