I decided to upgrade the box that I read my mail on (using mutt) to
FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE. It has been running 4.9-STABLE since those days ;)

Now all too suddenly, I have a mad terminal, display getting messed up
when I read my mail, edit a file, almost anything. The only change was
the upgrade. To give a little more details I can gather, when I ssh to
the box from another Unix terminal, this madness is not there at all.
But before I upgraded, I was using Microshit windows for a couple of
days, connecting to this box using Telneat (aka ShellGuard) and there
was no problem.
IIRC, there was no change at all to /etc/termcap during mergemaster.

I'll appreciate any clues.

Not that I desperately need to run on Windows, but just so that I can
know what happened and how to fix it. In my .bash_profile, I init my
terminal as cons25.

I checked UPDATING to see if anything is mentioned, but no. 

Thank you in adv.



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