SWIT wrote:
I am tyring to install from the floppies.
I get to the point were I choose the ftp server to d/l from.
then it says can't resolve the ftp.freebsd.org or any of the servers.
I tried a static ip and a dhcp ip and neither would work but other computers
on my network will find ftp.freebsd.org (all windows units).

I am behind a sonicwall and then a linksys router and have no trouble going
to any site on the net so not sure why I can't get a resolve.
I tried several different namservers and none made a difference.

Not sure what's wrong, but a workaround would be to find out the IP address of the FTP server you want to use, and use that instead:

bash-2.05b$ host ftp.freebsd.org
ftp.freebsd.org has address
ftp.freebsd.org has address

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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