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> How do I find out what's in the iso images and how the CD's are 
> organized without dowloading and burning them?
> Charles Kerns

I looked around the website for a list of disc contents but couldn't
seem to locate one.  I was almost positive that it was going to be
included as part of this release since it was discussed during the
last release.

In any event, I had downloaded the discs for advocacy purposes and
did an "ls -RFla" of each disc:

The full installation disc:

The recovery (live-filesystem) disc:

The mini-installation (no 3rd party packages) disc:

Note that the mini-installation disc only contains the base
operating system; ie, no XFree86, no window managers, no packages.

The recovery disc (disc2) is not needed during the installation
and does not contain any packages.

If you have need to ask further questions about the discs, the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list would be the best place
to ask.

Best regards,


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