Tom Munro Glass disturbed my sleep to write:
> I've set up NIS server as described in the handbook, and if I run 
> ypcat on the Linux client, it is obtaining information from the server. 
> However, it is faiing to authenticate users defined on the FreeBSD machine. 
> Should this work, or is there a problem with the differences between how 
> FreeBSD/Linux use the passwd file?

This should work; I've got a Linux machine at work succesfully
authenticating NIS accounts against a FreeBSD server.  I believe
that the differences in passwd files are strictly in the master.passwd
(FreeBSD) and shadow (Linux) files; the files /etc/passwd have the 
same format in both OS'.

I'd suspect problems in the way the clients have been configured.
Check that the password and group files have been set up correctly
(I screw up the sequence of plus signs and colons regularly), and
that the NIS domain has been set.

Hope that helps!

Saint Aardvark the Carpeted
Because the plural of Anecdote is Myth.
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