Hello all
I'm trying to get router ffrom mine country..
so I  will be able to NAT router to my country without any limit..

look what I get from my ISP:


router bgp 13194
 neighbor remote-as 65006

configure Your ZEBRA:
remote-as:      13194
ebgp-multihop:  4

How is it done ?

here is my conf file:
cat bgpd.conf
password zebra
enable password zebra

router bgp 65006
 bgp router-id
 neighbor remote-as 13194
 neighbor ebgp-multihop 4

smux peer test
log file /var/log/zebra/bgpd.log

but i still can't get those routes.. can anyone be so kind and help
me? Never worked with bgp routers
Best regards,Hugle

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