I need to debug some software, written in Python (with threads), which uses
dynamically loadable modules, written in C. 

FreeBSD version is 5.2.1-RC. 

All Python modules are compiled with "-g -pg", so is the python binary. 

By default, "-g -pg -pthread" doesn't seem to link libc to Python binary
(modules complain about missing 'strftime' on load). Any other combination
of options, than "-g -pg -lc_r -lc -pthread" causes Python binary to dump
core with sig 10 at start (with never ending _pthread_self calls in

Even if python.gmon is created, it contains only an information about calls
to '__fpsetreg'. 

My sysctl kern.debug.threads is 1. 

kdump output seems to reveal:

 88107 python2p3 NAMI  "python2p3.gmon"
 88107 python2p3 RET   open 5

... but only at the *end* of the log (shouldn't it be open some time earlier)?

I'd appreciate any help in this matter. I need this working by yesterday.

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