One of my big problems right now is that if our primary NFS server goes down
then everything using that NFS mount locks up. If I change to the mounted
filesystem on the client then it stalls:

# pwd
# cd /nfs-mount-dir

If I try to reboot the reboot fails as well since FreeBSD can't unmount the

How do I stop this from happening?

I am using this to mount NFS filesystems:

# mount -o bg,intr,soft ...

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Subject: NFS server fail-over - how do you do it?

> I am running a FreeBSD 4.9-REL NFS server. Once every several hours our
> NFS server replicates everything to a backup FreeBSD NFS server. We are
> with the gap in time between replication. What we aren't sure about is how
> to automate the fail-over between the primary to the secondary NFS server.
> This is for a web cluster. Each client mounts several directories from the
> NFS server.
> Let's say that our primary NFS server dies and just goes away. What then?
> Are you periodically doing a mount or a file look-up of a mounted
> to check if your NFS server died? If so are you just unmounting and
> remounting everything using the backup NFS server?
> Just curious how this problem is being solved.

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