Dear All,
I would like someone to give me some good tips to configure my email 
on Freebsd v4.9, to send/receive messages. I would like to use what I 
have already installed: sendmail, mailx. I went through the Freebsd 
manual but I coulnd't find any tips for the syntax of 
sending/receiving emails, just the sendmail configuration. So I would 
apreciate your help to give me the good steps for:

1- Configuring sendmail (although is already in the manual)
2- Syntax used to send email (with examples would be great).
3- Syntax to see the received emails.

I went through the man pages of mailx and sendmail, but they seem not 
to be very userfriendly for someone who is quite knew configuring 
email on Freebsd. So could you please help me?

Thanks in advance!

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