I'm currently using freebsd 4.9 and I've wanted to
upgrade to freebsd 4.10. What I did was I've followed
the instructions on the site which says that the most
convinient way is to use the /stand/sysinstall utility
and choose the Upgrade from the list... when I'm on
it... I've chosen to download from the ftp.freebsd.org
then I selected minimal upgrade since I've already an
upgraded version of XFree86.... And I also unchecked
the crypto option... to make sure that i'm installing
the least possible packages size.. 

Question: Have I done the right thing when upgrading
from 4.9 to 4.10. or I've just downloaded 40 mb worth
of unworthy files?? 

Cause I cannot see my system booting in Freebsd
version 4.10... still says freebsd 4.9... 
It also add something like.. cant load kernel..
booting old...

If I'm on the right track,, Is there any command that
I can type to be able to test it?


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