Yes...what I did was completely delete the hostname
line from my /etc/rc.conf and had my

though this does seem somewhat problematic...every now
and then I will boot up and it won't work...then I
just reboot and all of a sudden it works *shrug*

I fogured out what was wrong with starting X and you
will probably have the same problem when you delete
your hostname line from your rc.conf

I googled it and found that a way to fix this problem
isto simply delete the old .Xauthority file....I did
that and now have my network and X back = D ....there
may be (and probably is) a better way to accomplish
this but this was just one way I found to get it to
work...if someone has a better suggestion on how to do
this I would be more than happy to hear about it = )

Thanks for all your help and good luck with getting
your network to work at boot = )

--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Aloha Don
> I am very happy I was able to help. 
> One question for you before I answer yours. I still 
> have to kill dhclient and netstart after a reboot.
> Did you imply that after wiping out the hostname in 
> rc.conf you can reboot and your dhcp is up?
> Now for your question. I have not had any problems
> starting x before or after. I was always redoing the
> /stand/sysinstall to get the dhcp up and then startx
> so that I had a network. Have you checked your
> /etc/hosts for the correct hostname? When I did not 
> have that set properly, I had x complaining, but not
> just
> a grey screen.
> Good Luck
> Robert

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