On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 09:48:10PM -0500, Jon Noack wrote:

> >Packages on pointyhat may not always be consistent or working. 
> >Furthermore, they may not interoperate as expected with what you have
> > on your own system, because ports are customized for installed 
> >packages and build settings (e.g. building with GNOME support when 
> >you have GNOME installed).
> Yeah, I thought about that but figured a package with a default 
> configuration might still be useful.
> >The packages on the FTP site are updated periodically from a 
> >known-good build.  If you don't mind about the limitations, you can 
> >already use these automatically with pkg_add -r or portupgrade -P.
> I do this for several machines already.  It works OK, but as you say, it 
> is limited.

The limitations I referred to were those in the first paragraph above
("default configuration", etc).  They're not going to go away by
making the ports collection fetch packages by default.


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