On Tuesday 01 June 2004 04:39, john huss wrote:
> Hello,
> Can any of you kind teeps help me out please? I'm trying to compile my
> FreeBSD 4.9 kernel for the first time and am having problems.
> I am recompiling for several reasons; to learn about compiling the
> kernel; to get sound support for my isa soundcard and (finally); to
> compile in some firewall options mentioned in the handbook.

hi john,

I just don't know what the reasons for your problem might be, but would like 
to give some hints anyway.
(1) There's no need to compile sound support and firewall options statically 
into the kernel. Of course you can do so, but you can use modules for this 
purpose too. It's your choice.
(2) You can safely comment out support for hardware you don't have on your 
(3) It's quite some time ago that 4.9 came out and several security related 
bugs have been discovered and fixed since then. That's why you should 
update your sources using cvsup(1) and rebuild the entire base system,  not 
only the kernel. 
After having updated the sources
- cd /usr/src
- cp sys/i386/conf/GENERIC sys/i386/conf/CUSTOM_KERNEL
- edit your custom kernel configuration
- make buildworld
- make buildkernel
- make installkernel
- reboot to single user mode, fsck and mount the file systems
- mergemaster -p
- cd /usr/src
- make installworld
- mergemaster

these steps will leave you with an up to date system using the GENERIC 
kernel. To create and install a custom kernel just repeat the make 
build/install kernel steps in /usr/src but add KERNCONF=CUSTOM_KERNEL. 

reboot and enjoy
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