BM> hugle wrote:
>> BM> hugle wrote:
>>>>BM> hugle wrote:
>>>>>>FG> On Mon, 31 May 2004, hugle wrote:
>>>>>>>>why then my users eats so much CPU?
>>>>>>>>CPU states:  0.0% user,  0.0% nice,  0.8% system,
>>>>>>>>38.0% interrupt, 61.2% idle
>>>>>>>>Mem: 21M Active, 177M Inact, 133M Wired, 1228K Cache, 199M Buf, 1677M Free
>>>>>>>>I have only 61% idle ?
>>>>>>>>usualy i have ~50 idle..
>>>>>>>>now I have P4 2.4GHZ
>>>>>>>>maybe my setup is bad (kernel I mean)?
>>>>>>FG> My guess is either cheap hardware (NIC) or bad tuning. What NICs are you
>>>>>>FG> using?
>>>>>>I'm using Intel cards (fxp) at the moment. But from reading the posts
>>>>>>I've decided to buy GBIT NIC.
>>>>>>Now the dilema is what brand name.. INTEL or 3COM ? maybe you guys
>>>>>>could advice?
>>>>BM> I've always had good results with fxp cards.
>>>>how much users do you have? and what model?
>> BM> Never more than 100 ... it's been a year or two, so I don't remember the model.
>>>>>>And yes, my PC is dealing with lots of network traffic.. It's a
>>>>>>gateway + shaping. It deals with almost 1000 users..
>>>>>>Will this PC (p4 2.4GHZ) deal with 10mbit internet? as a gateway +
>>>>>>shaper ? with one GBIT NIC connected to 100Mbit swith?
>>>>BM> A gbit NIC isn't going to run at gbit speed on a 100mbit switch.
>>>>I know, but as I know it'll have more memory, buffer or smth like
>>>>that. which somehow will help to deal with the problem, right?
>> BM> Probably.  It just seems like a lot of $$$ to drop when you haven't
>> BM> tried polling yet.  Keep in mind, that if you try polling and it
>> BM> doesn't work, you can just turn it back off, and you haven't spent
>> BM> any $$$ on hardware that didn't help.
>>>>BM> I would look elsewhere than the NIC.  Intel NICs are good units (in my 
>>>>BM> if someone knows of problems with them, please speak up)
>>>>from systam -v:
>>>>481 fxp0 irq12
>>>>226 fxp1 irq3
>>>>317 fxp2 irq7
>>>>I think it is quite high? right?
>> BM> I guess.  I would expect numbers like that considering the load it's
>> BM> under.
>> BM> I'll ask _again_ ... is the machine's performance poor?  Fact is, if
>> BM> you give it enough network traffic to shape, it's going to raise the
>> BM> CPU load, no matter what you do.
>> now the main problem is.. that machine is shaping internet, right?
>> I did shaping for my subnet, so users in /24 have 100kbits everybody.
>> But they don't get such speed, they get about 70-80kbps . and if I
>> try to skipt pipe rules for certain IPs, users get all available
>> speed (which is left), it's about 500kbps..
>> so why machine can't pipe it normally ?
>> Didn't had these problems in the past...

BM> Past when?  What changed?
actualy nothing...
more users joint the LAN.
BM> Typically, only ~80% of available bandwidth is usable.  I don't know if
BM> that applies to your situation, though, as that's usually referring to
BM> ethernet, and you claim the problem hasn't always been there.
no.. for example if i start downlaoding without using pipes (no
shaping) my total bandwith usage increases up to 98-99%

BM> Try polling and see if the load reduces and the performance increases.
BM> If all that machine is doing is routing, you can configure it to be
BM> dedicated to routing.
I'll do it in ~10-12 hours..
I'll plug my server off, plug in new 3com gbit NIC.
and boot my kernel with new options - device_POOLING.
and see what is happening and so on..

PS. i think my PC has too less CPU.
cause I think that NAT + shaper both eats much processor.
and read somewhere, that:
interrupts apper if CPU doesn't manage to deal with them.

So, after changing NIC, i'll post my result here


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