On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 10:24:53AM -0400, Grant Peel wrote:
> 1. Should I upgrade the perl version. FBSD comes with 5.005_03. I think the
> latest Perl distro was 5.8.

I would say, only if your applications require it.

>     If yes, do I install directly from ports?


>         If yes, how do I ensure the old version is being ignored. I gues
> what I am really asking, is what is
>         the correct upgrade procedure?

After installing the perl port, you will get told about "use.perl
port".  Basically you just type that as root and it will add some
things to your /etc/make.conf that makes the port's perl be used in
future.  You can revert with "use.perl system".

> I want to be able to keep THIS (FBSD) installation 'upgradeable'. I have
> done some things to my other systems (FBSD 4.9 and 4.4) that I have been
> told would break if I upgraded the OS.

Well, using ports is a good start.

> 2. What are the key items to adhear to when installing FBSD and other
> software so that the OS remains upgradeable?

It depends exactly what you mean by "upgradeable".  If you install
all your extra software from ports where possible then this means
that the ports collection will help you keep track of dependencies
and newer versions, and interaction with the base system.

> 5. What are the latest releases of Apache, Perl PHP Mysql that seem to play
> nice for everyone.

I still find that I need to use the apache13 port and the
mysql-server40 port to maintain compatability with everything else I
need to use.

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