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> I have two computers systems in my network. The first system is a headless
> FreeBSD 5.2.1 system. This system stores my mp3's, datafiles and runs mysql and
> apache. I recently, got rid of windows off my laptop and installed FreeBSD
> 5.2.1. When I had windows on the laptop, I was able to Map a Network drive to
> the headless system via Samba runing on the server.
> My question is this: How would I set something up to perform the same
> functionality, as when I had windows? I'm just not sure what needs to be
> installed on either system? Any ideas or comments would be great!

You can run the Samba client software on the laptop, or change the file
sharing on the server to NFS.  Or, of course, you could change both to
some third sharing solution.  Which depends on your assessment of the
pros/cons of each; performance, interoperability (do you potentially have
other machines that need to reach those resources?), security , etc.

For the short term, running smbclient on the laptop is probably the
quickest way to get your connectivity back with the fewest config changes,
if that helps.

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