I'm using freebsd 4.9 and I wanted to upgrade to
version 4.10. The first step I made was to select the
'upgrade' in the /stand/sysinstall utility and I've
selected only the system binaries(bin) to lessen the
amount of files that I have to download. After
finishing, I think it didn't work because whenever I
boot my system, it says can't load kernel... loading
kernel.old... and it still reads freebsd 4.9...
   Somebody told me here in the mailing list that I
should have done the cvsup way of upgrading to 4.10

 I have already installed the cvsup16.1h and I can
also see some cvsup file examples in my
/usr/share/examples directory.
The handbook said that I should use the stable-supfile
if I wanted to upgrade to the latest stable release..


In the stable-supfile, I can see these lines...

src-all (uncommented by default)

 If I comment the first line(src-all) which of the
following lines should I uncomment out to attain the
minimum possible download?(i'm just using a dial-up)

And one last thing...

  The procedure that I've done before using the
I don't know really know what happened in my system..
somebody said that after doing that, he thinks that
I'm already 80% upgraded.. and the only thing that
might be missing in my system is the 4.10 kernel it

If it is nearly correct, can I just download this
kernel and install it instead of doing the whole cvsup

And if this is possible.. please, I also really wanted
to learn how to recompile my whole system using the
cvsup... any tips about uncommenting those lines and
the proper supfile to use will be very much

Thanks a lot


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