how do i get it installed?
In  secton 1.4 of the install.txt file on my FreeBSD distribution (cd-r with ISO 
downloaded from one of the FTP servers) it states 
"Build a set of FreeBSD boot floppies from the floppies/ directory in
every FreeBSD distribution. Either simply use the makeflp.bat script
from DOS or read Section 1.3 for more information on creating the
bootable floppies under different operating systems. Then you simply
boot from the first floppy and you should soon be in the FreeBSD
sounds easy enough, but the Floppies directory specified does not appear to exist on 
any of my freeBSD discs (1, 2, and miniinst) nor does the specified batch Makeflp.bat.
are they here or am i missing something? or does 5.2.1 for amd64 not support floppy 
installs? if so, then how the hell do i get it in?

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