I have been more and more attentive to your product as I have had enormous trouble 
installing Linux and it all boils down to two compaitibilty questions.

I have tried all major brands of Linux and to date I can only get text interface 
Gentoo and Linspire to work (Linspire works but doesn't support my USB Broadband 

Surprsingly Mandrake 10 fatal crashed so I thought to have a second look at your 

The bug bear seems to be my Hercules 3d Prophet 4000XT, it's a good card, uses less 
resources than other's but is less supported than other's.   I have the Kyro drivers 
for Linux but not working!

The second problem is my Speedtouch 330, I coded all the scripts for it and Linspire 
does not have GCC.

So, before I go too much into this, will FreeBSD work on my machine?


Pentium III 600E
Twin Fujitsu HDD's 10GB+6GB
Hercules AGP Prophet 4000XT
Crystal ISA Sound (will chnge to PCI)
Fast Ethernet PCI Card
Speedtouch 330 USB BB Modem (not router)

XP sitting on 6GB with 10GB in front nigh on empty.
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