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I wrote in earlier with a problem on my Compaq Presario R3000 - when I try to install 5.2.1 from the cd, I can't boot the kernel - after I pick a kernel, the machine powers down.

What do I do to figure out how to fix this thing? I've tried several Linux distributions as well - they are Gentoo, Fedora and Jollix (A German Gentoo derivative). I was able to install Fedora successfully, and all the other Linuxes can boot from the cd. Jollix successfully starts X and brings up a KDE desktop. So it seems that getting Open Source to work on this machine is not so impossible - and I would really like to have FreeBSD on it if I could.

If the problem lay in the ACPI (my first guess) how would I fix it? Is there something I could lift from one of the Linux distros to get my box to work?
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